Pop-up Shop
Summer 2016

That you might hold your baby against skin that has been slathered with toxic moisturizer, or kiss your husband while wearing poisonous lipstick, was unacceptable to Gregg Renfrew. So in 2013 she founded Beautycounter.

The idea of the company is simple. Ingredients in beauty products have not been regulated since 1938. There are 1,400 substances used in American products that have been banned in Europe. Gregg set out to create a line of high quality beauty products that are safe. Along with starting Beautycounter, Gregg is an activist, pushing for legislation that will make all products safe.

With an army of direct sales consultants—25,000 and counting—Gregg has been able to spread the word about skin care and safety.

Until now, the company had no physical retail presence so they decided to test a concept with a pop-up shop in Nantucket.

The site is a former fishing shack. Other than paint, we left the building pretty much as is and created modular and demountable fixtures that could be packed and moved to the next pop-up location when the lease is up.

The motivation for the design was the packaging: simple white boxes with colorful interiors. Contemporary white fixtures in an antique space are meant to impart a sense of freshness and safety and establish a retail environment that is consistent with the smart young brand.