Marvin at 7 Tide

Marvin Windows and Doors
7 Tide Street, South Boston
Interior Architecture and Exhibit Design
July 2016

A. W. Hastings is a Connecticut based company that distributes Marvin products in the Northeast United States. Marvin is based in Warroad, Minnesota. When Hastings asked us to develop a new concept with them—a brand showroom designed to create an awareness the quality of Marvin products and differentiate it from competitors—a team from C&J Katz went to Warroad to get a deeper understanding of the company, and what a trip it was!

Warroad is a small town a few miles south of the Canadian border. The company is privately held and has been in the same family for five generations. After meeting with many Marvins, touring the production facility, visiting the company museum, and being treated to a tour of The Shed—Bob Marvin's extensive "muscle car" collection—we had a clearer vision of the kind of values that inform the brand.

By highlighting the heritage of the company, the craftsmanship of the product, the commitment to sustainability, and customer driven innovation, the spaces and exhibits at 7 Tide show off the best aspects of the Marvin Brand.

An "exploded" window describes the huge number of elements that comprise a Marvin window. A tower of windows describes the customization that has always been a hallmark of the company. White Oak windows are seamlessly incorporated into a White Oak paneled room. A resource pavilion has a "smart" table with software developed by Inphantry. The table gives the visitor a high tech experience that describes the myriad of choices Marvin offers. A high-ceilinged living room incorporates a number of unique windows and doors. Custom projections, also developed by Infantry, allow visitors to experience the full scale of the windows that they are considering. At the entry to the showroom, a wall of yellow felt flowers recalls the yellow rose that has been a part of the Marvin logo for as long as anyone can remember.