225 Franklin Street
Boston, MA
Opened Summer, 2010
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Michael Wang is on a mission to change the perception of Asian fast food with Foumami Asian Sandwich Bar. To reflect the beautiful, fresh ingredients in the food and the artisanal tea drinks, we created a bright, modern interior. White and green terrazzo floors, walnut slatted benches, lacquered metal counters, and the stainless steel preparation area all conspire to complement the two walls of glass that look out onto the street. The open kitchen is framed in bright yellow glass tile. (There is a second prep kitchen downstairs.) The service counter is white Corian. The walls in the rest room are tiled to conjure a bamboo forest.

Located in the heart of the financial district of Boston, Michael’s food allows lunch time diners the opportunity to eat a healthy and delicious lunch unlike anything else in town, in a unique interior with international appeal.

Visit Foumami’s website