The Country Club

Brookline, MA
Renovation of the Library Bar, 2015

The Country Club was established in 1882. Extraordinary athletic facilities allow members to golf, swim, skate, shoot, play tennis, squash, and racquet ball—they even have curling—in buildings scattered around the 236-acre campus. The main clubhouse is the site of the various dining and event facilities that play major roles in the social life of the club.

This project is the transformation of the library, an underutilized room that was used for bridge and private events. Some club members had the sense that the younger members of the club would use a dining facility that had a relaxed dress code, a place that would help members bridge athletic activities with social engagement. This new bar would allow members to follow up a golf game or tennis match with a beer and a burger, without having to don a jacket or pearls. An added bonus would be to have a television for major sporting events; TV is discouraged in other parts of the clubhouse. This would be a space for a casual dinner with friends and family, or a place to sit at the bar, watch a game, and chat with other members.

The prescient sense of those members who conceived of the plan proved to be right. The Library, completed in 2015, has become an extremely popular and lively spot for members of all ages.