Concord House

Interior Architecture and Decoration
Completed in 2012
Architecture: Eck MacNeely Architects
General Contractor: James Dwyer Construction

No matter how carefully conceived, drawn, and detailed, our work is only as good as the quality of the construction. We tend to form close working relationships with the people that build our design work, and rely on their hands-on experience and deep knowledge. So when James Dwyer, an excellent contractor based in Concord, MA approached us about designing the interiors of his own house, we jumped at the chance. Unlike most projects, where a good part of the effort is explaining the design process—construction, after all, is something that most clients deal with only once or twice in their lives—this was like communicating in shorthand. And while we’re very pleased with the outcome, we’re also pleased at how much we learned. James is trusting and open-minded, and he taught us a lot. There are now some products in out design arsenal that were put there by James.