Essex County Guest Cottage

Boston, North Shore
Decoration of a 1920's Arts and Crafts house

This guest house is on a spectacular site on a sea wall facing the Atlantic Ocean. The owners are seriously interested and well-versed in art and design. We've worked with them on two other residential projects, giving us the opportunity to work in a design idiom that is particular to this couple, while tweaking the aesthetic for each host building and locale.

Given that this is a waterfront cottage on the North Shore of Boston, we played with the "stereotype" of a cottage, employing floral motifs, nautical tropes, and wicker, in anything but a traditional way. The result is a riff on tradition—bright color, impeccable craftsmanship, and uniqueness define the look that we're after. Even though we sourced cutting edge products, function is always top of mind. Besides visual delight, each piece that we install must insure that the space is comfortable and well-lighted, everything sturdy enough for guests going in and out between the house and the beach.

A collection of rustic antique objects are a counterpoint to up-to-the-minute furniture. While each piece, new or old, is the best example of it's type, the overall effect allows a playful respite for the lucky guests staying here.