Pond Street House

c. 1920
2008 Ground floor
General Contractor: Gilman, Guidelli & Bellow
2014 Master bedroom and bath
General Contactor: Langston Development and Construction

This house, circa 1920, is a perfect size. The gracious rooms are well proportioned. There is just enough period detail to make the house formal without being stuffy.

Our clients, two academicians, are as smart and thoughtful as clients can be. They understand attention to detail which led us to suggest the sofa with the thin wood base, the precisely hung art, the wormwood mantel.

Each new piece that we added had to meet three standards: it had to be correctly scaled for the room, it had to be something that they loved to look at, and it had to be comfortable: all the traits that make a house home.

Six years later we redesigned the master bedroom and bath. Before and after shots show that though we left the plumbing in place,new fittings and finishes allowed the entire character of the room to be transformed.