Our mission in writing articles about design—there have been about 250 of them while we were design columnists at the Globe—was to make design accessible to our readers. The Boston Sunday Globe had a circulation of 725,000. We were well aware that most of our readers have one hand wrapped around a warm cup of coffee, one eye trained on their kids, one part of their psyche wishing they were still in their warm bed and with whatever attention is left, they were perusing our articles. That is why we focused our attention on strong images that might catch their attention and easily achievable ideas that might hold it, if only for a moment.

These articles have been critical to our design work because they have allowed us to understand that design is as much about editing as it is about invention. There’s a world of fabulous stuff out there—available to all of us, if only we had the time to look for it and the guidance to understand how to edit it.

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